Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Reasons why your ACNE TREATMENT is not Working!

What more could any young boy or girl want other than getting rid of the frequent blemishes on their face which seem to plague their very existence!

Hundreds and thousands of rupees is spent  Is it the medicine's fault/the doctor's fault/their own fault or is it something in between?? 

I'll help you figure it out. Stay with me..

Its neither actually, they are all correct in their own aspects, its just that they are not working in unison..which is causing your treatment to fail.

So here's what you need to do-

1. Make a trip to a dermatologist.  

I do not mean a doctor who also gives medicines for skin disease. Every metro/city/town has at least one skin doctor.. if not in your town next time you travel book an appointment. But do it. I've seen multiple patients who were prescribed steroid creams for acne and they ended up with a face full of pus filled cystic acne which took over a year to heal and left scars like moon craters on the skin as well as the psyche of the poor patient. There/s a reason doctors specialize in dermatology.. so you be the judge..

2.Complete you treatment prescription

Acne treatment needs to attack every single factor that is causing your acne. Do not be picky choosy with what you have been prescribed.

3. If you've been given anti-biotics stick to the course and complete it. 

 But for creams/gels Do not jump and start applying applying everything at once and make your skin red and shiny like a beetroot. PATIENCE is the key to beautiful skin.

4.  Do not wash your face more than 2-3 times each day.

 Splash with water frequently. Invest in a no soap cleanser in case your face feels oily all the time. ( Good brands are Cetaphil, Lucidum, Episoft, etc). Girls make need not be avoided. In fact it will help give your skin a protective barrier during course of treatment, Just try and stick to regular oil free foundation/concealer and powder for a few weeks. Guys go easy on the Shaving creams and after shaves.

5. Do not panic if your acne worsens initially

Its actually a sign your medicines are working- since they are bringing up hidden acne lesions faster so that your skin clears up sooner. Do not abandon treatment at this point. I'll repeat PATIENCE is the key once again. Acne treatment can take up to 12 weeks to show their results but trust me when I say that the results will be worth it!

6. If you've been prescribed retinoids then follow this advice religiously-



7. Load up on oil free, non comedogenic sunscreen.

( good brands are - Sunmate gel, Suncross aqua gel etc.) (Reviews coming up later)
Also invest in a good water based gel moisturizer. (Good brands are Stiefel Physiogel, Sebamed aqua gel) (Reviews in upcoming posts)

8. Reduce oil application to hair and if possible completely avoid it.  

Wash your face asap after exercising,excessive sweating, cooking in the kitchen for long, being outside through out the day etc.

9. Follow up with your doctor after the first month.

She/He needs to see how you are responding and continue or modify the treatment accordingly.  Usually after the antibiotic course your face will be clearer but there will be these bumps on the skin which will take longer to heal. Share your concerns with her/him. 


I know many of your are thinking that this must be the most ridiculous advice anyone has every offered to you.

 But trust me on this. Unlike other organs of our body, the skin is being subjected to a lot of environmental stress each and everyday, and the skin renews itself every 28 days.  

Once your acne is under control it will stay so just till the bacteria on your body multiplies to its previous numbers and sufficient oil(sebum) is produced as its food (literally!!) 

And you will be back to where you started from and your will blame everything and everyone from your doctor to the medicine to your makeup food pollution etc etc

The solution?? Its SIMPLE - continue with your topical medication just like you started initially... decrease to every alternate day and then twice weekly to maybe applying it once every week.  

So till my next post, stay happy and stay Beautiful!


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